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Bibliography 1914 - 1931

1914 October 'Poems 1913 and 1914', 'Poems Translated from the French'

1916 May 'The Harbingers'

1916 June 'Pastorals'

1920 August 'The Waggoner'

1920 November 'Poems Chiefly from Manuscript' by John Clare (Blunden and Porterís edition)

1922 April 'The Shepherd and Other Poems of Peace and War' (poems)

1922 December 'The Bonadventure' - journal of Blunden's voyage to South America

1923 November 'Christ's Hospital: a Retrospect' - prose

1924 March 'A Song to David by Christopher Smart' edited by Blunden

1925 June 'Masks of Time'

1925 September 'Shelley and Keats: As they struck their Contemporaries' edited by Blunden

1926 January 'English Poems'

1927 March 'On the Poems of Henry Vaughan' (essay and translations of the principal Latin poems)

1928 May 'Retreat' (poems)

1928 July 'Leigh Hunt's Examiner Examined'; an account of the newspaper, extracts and commentary

1928 September 'Japanese Garland' (poems)
'The Autobiography of Leigh Hunt' introduced by Blunden

1928 November 'Undertones of War' ( 3 reprints in December, revised edition in November 1930, new preface in World Classics edition 1956, new introduction in the Collins edition, 1964).

1929 June 'Poems of William Collins' edited by Blunden

1929 September 'Near and Far' (poems)

1930 May 'Leigh Hunt a biography'

1930 November 'De Bello Germanico' - a fragment of trench history written in 1918

1930 December 'The Poems of Edmund Blunden 1914 - 1930'

1931 March 'Sketches in the Life of John Clare' edited by Blunden, 'Poems of Wilfred Owen' edited by Blunden

1931 November 'Votive Tablets: Studies Chiefly Appreciative of English Authors and Books'

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